“The future depends on
what you do today.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Procyon Group

“We provide solutions in the areas of architecture, planning, construction and material production for the construction market. Since 2006 we have been successfully developing our activity on the construction market in Poland and in Sweden.

Our brands:      EcoReadyHouse      Procyon Construction      EcoReadyBath


From the very beginning our ambition was to do something unique, something that would be our vision for the future but could be created today. We wanted to have an impact on the future, to create trends and contribute to our world and environment. In 2013 as EcoReadyHouse we made a decision to move to designing and building smart low-energy houses with a unique architecture.

We using proven technology in building houses, which provides a comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle for homeowners. Also, while improving the quality of people’s lives, we do our best to make a positive impact on the environment.

„We have built and contracted over 160 houses and buildings with a total usable area of over 22 000 m2.




Procyon Construction was founded in 2006. As a civil engineering industry contractor, we undertake ambitious projects and specialise in erecting reinforced concrete structures. We perform complete concrete objects in all areas of contruction – residential, commercial and industrial. In 2016 we`ve become Skanska Preferred Supplier.

Our mission is to carry out all installations on time, to the best of our abilities, and to ensure that all our work is correct and ready to pass inspections. All that is assured by top quality workmanship.

„So far we have cast over 100.000 m3 of concrete and installed over 20,000 tons of reinforcement in close to 30 projects in Sweden.”


EcoReadyBath provides solutions for ready-made single-element structures of fully-equipped prefab toilets and bathrooms (modular bathrooms Pods).

As a single partner in the whole process of developing a modular bathroom Pods, using pre-tested prefab elements, we are able to offer our business Clients up to 80% shorter offsite manufacturing period compared with traditional technology which directly results in increased cost effectiveness.

What is more, all components are fitted with due care and attention to detail in our plant, thus providing the top quality bathroom Pods.

“Our aim is responding to growing individual needs of developers, hotel owners and investors in the construction industry, simultaneously maintaining top working standards and quality of execution.”

Who we are
and what we believe in

Our staff is highly trained and experienced, which allows us to undertake challenging and exciting projects.

We deliver the highest quality by:

Offering the best solutions

Being flexible and meeting client`s needs and expectations

Building relationships based on partnership and trust

Taking responsibility for the work and the promises we have given

Having clear and open communication process

„The greatest asset of a company is its people”

– Jorge Paulo Lemann